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Subscription Series

Through our subscription series, you can experience the vast richness of diverse styles, genres and performance formats. Our main goal as an ensemble is to present our audience with equal portions of entertainment and challenge, carefully balancing our repertoire between old and new and between standard and contemporary music.

Joint Projects

TCE is proud to present our concert series called "Night in the Museum" held regularly throughout the season at different museums and art galleries in South Florida. It is our firm belief that joining forces with other mediums could be only beneficial for the members of our community. 


In our educational concerts, we successfully demonstrate the richness and accessibility of classical music to younger audiences. We hope to make this music relevant to the lay audience through innovative presentations. Ultimately,  we hope to elevate our audience by challenging them with quality and complexity rather than simplification.



Tsenov Chamber Ensemble seeks to foster a deeper understanding of classical music through innovative concert programming that both entertains and challenges the audience. By introducing new concert formats and closely collaborating with educational and artistic institutions, our goal is to erase the line between old and new, standard and avant-garde, conservative and unorthodox.





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